Friday, August 26, 2016

Is Jesus Enough?

I was listening to a guided prayer this morning when I was stopped dead in my tracks.

I was supposed to finish this sentence:
Lord, Jesus, the places I often turn to when you're not enough are...
Wait. What? Jesus is always enough! He's more than enough! My spirit rebelled against that statement, but my heart said, "Hold on there, girl. Is He enough for you in all situations, or do you sometimes turn to other things to fill that void or soothe that hurt?"

Oh Lord - I had to admit that sometimes I've felt like Jesus is not enough, or at least like me praying to him is not enough, because I did not find immediate release from emotional upset, stress or just plain old boredom.

Where have I turned? The refrigerator, pantry, drive-thru, a bag of chips, several bars of chocolate, a carton of ice cream. Binge watching TV, hours on Facebook or Pinterest. Shopping.

Lord, Jesus, how could I have thought that you were not enough? How could I have thought that these other things could fix what only you could mend? Forgive me, Jesus.

Am I the only one who was bowled over by that sentence?  How would you answer it? What are your thoughts? How can we apply "Jesus is ENOUGH" to our daily lives?

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