Wednesday, September 21, 2016

That Pesky Sweet Tooth

Was running some errands today. Stopped for a bite of lunch, then headed to the grocery store. As often happens when I'm walking through a store that has whole aisles dedicated to cookies, cakes, ice cream and candy, my sweet tooth kicked in

Just a little snack I muttered as I turned down the ice cream aisle. I quickly realized that if I bought a carton of ice cream, I'd eat the whole thing in 2 days. Ice cream bars, I thought. No, I'd eat the whole box in no time.  Okay, what about some cookies - like I would only eat one or two and then put the rest away. Right.

I rounded the corner and came face to face with a pile of attractively arranged boxes of glazed doughnuts. No, Jan - you know you'll eat way more than you should.  Pushing past those, I entered the deli department (next to the bakery department). You know how they sometimes put out samples of baked goods to tempt you? Oh, great, I can have just a bite of something sweet and walk away.

Would you believe, rather than cut the stinkin' doughnuts in small pieces like they usually do, the samples were whole doughnuts!  Must be God's will for me to have a doughnut! I grabbed a piece of deli paper, opened the lid of the sample dome to select my God-sanctioned doughnut and a huge fly flew out right into my face!  No way was I going to eat a doughnut that had a fly crawling around on it, and since I didn't know which ones he had crawled all over, I passed on the doughnuts.

My last hurdle was the check out line. By then my sweet tooth and my determination to lose weight were engaged in the war of the century.  While loading my few groceries onto the belt, I glanced at the candy bars. (It doesn't hurt to look, does it?)  Hershey bars - buy 3, get one free. Such a deal!

Of course, we all know what happens when I eat Hershey bars,  (I'm still trying to take off those 3 regained pounds) so I adjusted my blinders and finished checking out.  On my way to the car, I nearly pulled my shoulder out of socket while patting myself on the back for walking out of the store with no sweets.

I think I'll make a dentist appointment to see if he can yank this sweet tooth out of my mouth.

Oh, wait...I have dentures.  Where does that pesky sweet tooth reside, anyway?


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