Friday, June 9, 2017

People, Places & Things

More of Him Less of Me is about more than healthy eating and weight loss. It's about recognizing our need for more of God and His Spirit in our daily lives and less of our old fleshly nature. It's about allowing Him to change our character and make us more like Jesus, our Savior. 

This morning I heard a blurb from recording artist, Japhia Life. His words inspired me to write the following...

Want to grow in your relationship with God? Then focus on three things; people, places and things

Hang out more with people who encourage you to live a Christian lifestyle and less with people who encourage you to sin . Go to places that encourage growth, such as church, life groups and Christian events, rather than places that encourage you to sin. Finally, do the things that help you grow, read the Bible, pray, obey God, love and forgive others and do not do the things that you used to do. Rid yourself (with God’s help) of old habits that do not fit into your new lifestyle.

 People, places and things. 

Let's think about how we can focus on these three things so that we can enjoy steady growth in your relationship with God.


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