More of Him Less of Me may sound familiar to you. That's because back in 1998, I published a devotional book by that title, sharing my experience at taking off 35 pounds with a popular weight loss program.

As is so often the case, over the years, weight has a way of creeping back on unless we are diligent about healthy eating. I haven't regained all the weight I lost, but enough that I'm uncomfortable and want to get back to healthier eating.

I do so much better when I'm blogging and sharing my journey with others who are on the same path to better health, so here we are - blogging and sharing and praying for one another
As for my food plan, God simplified that for me. (Read the blog post here.) In addition to that, I bought a Fitbit to get me moving. I love the motivation it gives me, I don't have an exercise regimen, I just try to move more every day and fit in exercise sessions more often.

More of Him Less of Me is not just about weight loss and healthier bodies, though. My aim is to also encourage and motivate us all to reach for More of God in every area of life. 

"He must increase, but I must decrease." John 3:30

And as we allow God to inhabit us more and more, we do not become less, we become the best version of ourselves that we can be, because His very power transforms us into the image of Jesus Christ.

So, I'm here for you - all of you. If you have a question, if you need to talk to someone or if you just need a word of encouragement and someone to pray for you, please go to the contact page and drop me a note.


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